Engineering Society

Where fun comes to build things


Who are we

We are UChicago’s Engineering Society – we are a group of students who love to build, create, and work on projects! We also host events, workshops, and study breaks. We’re very flexible in what we do, and if you have an idea of something to create and work on, contact us through Facebook, or come to our project nights.

Join our Facebook Group or sign up for our listhost to stay informed about what we have going on!


We hold Project Nights weekly as an opportunity for you to come in and work on whatever you want, whether it’s an engineering project, or if you want to experiment with some arduino kits, or even just hang out! If you have an idea for a project that we could help you with, let us know here.


We are planning a fresh lineup of workshops this quarter. All workshops are open to everyone with no experience required or expected!